Pizza Hut App Reviews

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Hey, it works for me.

App is easy to use, even for an ancient guy. Love that I can pick and choose from a whole bunch of options. Best of all (other than the great quality of the pizza), it remembers my address and other info. Our pizzas, though projected to be 40-45 minutes out, are usually delivered 15 minutes or so earlier. And, the drivers are very conscience.

Worst App Ever!

The app constantly gets things wrong. I ensured the time I set for my order to be ready three times, get to the restaurant and they tell me it was scheduled for 45 minutes after I requested. Deleting the app and going to another pizza restaurant.

App is really bad

It is HORRIBLE!!!!!!


Already deleted this app. Wanted to order some delicious Teryaki wings but the darned app wouldnt even let me start off by entering my address. Makes me freaking crazy!! I updated to the iOS 10.2 so maybe Pizza Hut is lagging in its technology but I see Im not the only one. You missed out on a large order Pizza Hut. Guess well just go to B Dubs instead. At least we can actually order our freakin food!!


Only works about 10% of the time. Absolute garbage. Save yourself the trouble and call in your order or use their website.

Pretty decent!

The app was quick and easy. The wait time from the downtown Norfolk location was ridiculous! There was a 2 hour wait time! But love the app

So so

The app is okay to use, only problem with it so far is that there is no way to track your order, unlike the Dominos app. Which tells you if theyre making it or about to show up. I would like to know if its even on its way or if theyre making it.

Easy to use with my thumbs!

Great app. Easy to use and customize my order. Thanks Pizza Hut!

Works for me

Its a reasonably quick and accurate way to place an order. It may be a little too complicated, but there are a lot of choices on the menu.

Im so hungry rn

Like really hungry

Free sticks

I love it cant complain

Pizza Hut Product Team Report Card = F

Guys (and gals), This is not ok. You didnt test this app before releasing. The fact that I am even here to write this revue is a result of your user interface / experience. This is not a rant, I will explain in detail. I dont enjoy reading stupid reviews that are tactless anymore than you do. So this is meant to be feedback you can take action on so that you can raise your "grades" to something acceptable. 1). You dont have any social account creation capability a). Ill be back on the next review. I realize this is going to take a while and I need to finish creating my account (8+ minutes in the Making) so the pizza is on its

It crashed on me, but...

It did crash on me, but it still was very easy to use.

Needs Apple Pay

Worked just fine for me, easy enough to use. Docked one star due to lack of Apple Pay, wouldve made the experience seamless.

I give up

For the second time in two or three months I tried using the Pizza Hut app – I have never had a more useless app on my phone. It wont take an address I tried in many different ways get it saved part of my order from the last time I tried killing it and it just doesnt work bottom line its simply does not work I ended up calling the store and going to try the grilled cheese pizza which by the way is OK but doesnt really feel like real cheese in anyway shape or form. The store itself was a bit of a disaster and the app is a complete disaster to try to quite Donald Trump.


Tried to order through the app and it couldnt find any locations near me ---- there is a store about a mile away. So called the store to place an order and they put me on hold for 15 min never to return to the line. Terrible app. Terrible service. TERRIBLE!! Im using the Papa Johns app instead.

Tell us the store isnt taking orders BEFORE

I cant tell you how many times Ive gone through the process of ordering and entering my delivery and payment info only to hit send order and be told the location isnt accepting internet orders. Fix this, dont waste the customers time. This should be something that comes up before all of that. Poor app design.

Stupidest app update ever!

The app opens with a pop up message to click update. Click the update and it takes me to update screen. But then the update ONLY has the open app option. Click on that, and the evil cycle starts over again. Really dumb!!

Horrible app

The app froze on me 3 times. What should have taken 5 minutes took 15 to order. Once I finally placed my order, the site told me that it would take 1 1/2 hours to deliver. This store location is right next to a competitor that delivers within 20minutes. Guess Ill take my business there.

Worst User Friendly App!

Starting my order makes my mouth start watering. But when I get to choosing the side I want my toppings on, the app gets very confused and will not allow two side changes. Doesnt work!

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